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Welcome and thanks for checking us out!  Metro Work Space is an exciting new idea for getting work done.

Most people have experienced an office.  Either they work in one or someone they know does.  Some offices are extravagant like my attorney’s office and some are pretty creepy, like a CPA I visited, but didn’t do business with.  At Metro we think it’s time to rethink the office.  Image is important but expensive. Maintenance and utilities add overhead and are time consuming to deal with, not to mention building out and paying rent for conference and waiting rooms and lobbies that get used only a fraction of the time.

Faced with this dilemma many small business owners and entrepreneurs have turned to the home office.  It solves the cost problem but what about image and where do you have a meeting?  Then they become the coffee house executive.  Meeting at the coffee shop or bakery or where ever there is free WiFi.  First time meetings and casual conversations work there but closing the deal or sensitive conversation become awkward and difficult, to say the least.  Renting a conference room for these meetings should round out the plan and cover all the bases, but this cost seems like we’re back to paying as much as renting an office in the first place.

Maybe renting an office is the the only way to go and the high cost and wasted space and hassle for maintenance and utilities is a necessary evil.  Or is it?

A Better way!

In many communities there are new alternatives becoming available to solve this problem by re-thinking the office altogether.  Why not share the parts of an office that you only use occasionally and spread the cost out with other like minded professionals?  This is popping up in Seattle, New York, LA, Atlanta and now in Metro Detroit.

Metro Work Space is Metro Detroit’s convenient, cost effective alternative to the traditional office.

Metro is a membership based shared office facility.  By becoming a member you gain access to many of the basic daily needs for running your business.  Starting with coffee and paperclips and finishing with an executive conference room with video conference equipment, and everything in between.  All of your bases are covered including copies and printing, WiFi and FAX.  This is all housed in a modern, inspiring facility where you can find a corner to avoid distractions or play a game of pinball if a distraction is what you need.  Your clients will be impressed.  You will get more work done.  As an added bonus, the other members are all professionals like you and they will be great new contacts to bounce ideas off of, get opinions from and share referrals with.

So if you’re ready to RETHINK the “office,” come in for a tour TODAY and make Metro your workspace.

-Todd Luhtanen

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