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Save On Office Space

Starting and running a business has a lot of challenges.  First and foremost is making sure there is more revenue than expenses.  Focusing on revenue is the best way to ensure a long and successful business.  at the same time, it is critical to keep a strong control on expenses.  One area where small businesses and startups have a hard time is office space.

A traditional office often requires a multi-year contract and forces business owners to over commit so they can grow into the space.  This means that you are paying for more space than you currently need.  An office also comes with many new little expenses like furniture, utilities, internet and lets not forget personal property tax.

A better way is to become a member of a coworking office and use it as needed and expand as your business grows.  The initial costs are much lower and you can be productive day one.  With an average office costing from $1,200 to $1,500 for a simple office and membership at Metro Work Space starting at $99 you can do the math and savings are tremendous.  Even with our GOLD level membership with a dedicated desk you are paying less than half and getting much much more.  Please review all the amenities to see what you are missing with a high-priced unmanaged, simple office and move up to a managed shared office.


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